Rhythm // Crave 2016

I cannot believe Crave Conference 2016 is just 3 weeks away. We have been waiting, planning, dreaming, and preparing for this since last year ended 49 weeks ago and we could not be more excited...

Jordan Baeseman
One of Those Nights

Have you ever had one of those days? The kind where the ball bounces opposite of your direction… over and over and over again.

Jordan Baeseman
A New Way of Seeing

Spring is on it's way!  The fresh air has arrived, the snow is melting, and all that was brown and dreary is springing to new life.  These spring months are invigorating for the large majority of people...

Jess Kayhart
Why We Worship

As worship leader at Faith Christian Church, I often get asked, “Why do we worship?”  The word “worship” can be such a church-y term, and often is hard to understand for many people - even those that have attended church all their lives...

Jess Kayhart
Second Nature

New Years. Full of new beginnings, new commitment, new resolutions, and fresh starts. Physically it’s something as simple as flipping to a new page on our calendars. Though it seems to bring out much more internally. We get excited to try something new and...

Adam Johnson