Share Your Story: Day 3 - Carrie Baeseman

How long have you attended Faith Christian Church?

21 years

In a few sentences share how you became a Christian.

I grew up in a Christian home with a family that served at FCC. When I was 7, the story of Jesus clicked for me and I was saved in Wednesday night SuperKids Church (now FCC Kids). This May will make 14 years of serving Jesus for me. 2 years later, I was baptized in a cow tank at 9 years old at a tent revival that took place right where our current sanctuary is. I began serving as a Sunday School (Little Lights) helper and soon after, a teacher at 13. When I was 15, I went to a youth conference and felt God's call on my life to be in children's ministry. 6 years later my husband and I are the youth and children's pastors at FCC!

In what ways has Faith Christian Church brought value to your life?

FCC has truly defined who I am. Growing up, it was never an option to not go to church. I have been coming no less than twice a week my whole life. This church has watched me grow up and has been my family. Without FCC, my parents, myself, my siblings, and my husband would not be where we are today, and most likely not saved. It is the home where I found Jesus, began my run with Jesus, and learned to serve Jesus. Pastor Paul and Doreen have shown me what leadership, family, and ministry should be. I am forever grateful to them for being faithful from the beginning.

What do you enjoy most about coming to church?

Everything. Church is Jordan and I's life. I love watching people, adults, teens, and children, grow and develop in God and I love seeing their passions and callings come out and be used to full potential. FCC is a place to come as you are, but not stay as you are. You can't come to more than a couple services before feeling the tug from God towards whatever He has called you to.

What are you most excited for as we look ahead to what God is doing in our communities?

I am excited for God to provide a bigger garden for us to grow in. What we have is amazing, but how many more seeds and people can be planted into this soil to grow into a beautiful garden! I cannot wait to see how God works in the kids we have here at FCC, especially since I get to see up close each of our kids grow up.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

1 Samuel 12:24
"Fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things He has done for you!"

I love this verse because it is how I want to live my life and be remembered when I am gone. God has done great things in my life; how could I not be faithful and serve Him with everything I have?

Adam Johnson