Share Your Story: Day 9 - Mary Johnson

How long have you attended Faith Christian Church?

I have attended Faith Christian Church for 13 years.

In a few sentences share how you became a Christian.

I was raised in a Christian home.  I would attend church with my family every Sunday so Christianity was not something new to me.

In what ways has Faith Christian Church brought value to your life?

Prior to attending Faith Christian Church, I never realized just how powerful and deep a relationship with God could be... and how much power there is in prayer.
I never knew that prayer could be on a personal level with God, simply talking with him knowing that He wants to hear from you from the heart versus a rehearsed prayer said over and over again. Knowing that has brought my trust and faith in God to a whole new level.

What do you enjoy most about coming to church?

I love so many things about my church!  I love the genuine love and warmth that you feel as soon as you walk through the doors. I love the worship music and the undiluted message of God that we receive

What are you most excited for as we look ahead to what God is doing in our communities?

I am excited about the ability to reach out even more to those that are going through life feeling lost. I am excited to increase our ability for us to give hope to the many that we have not yet reached.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

Matthew 19:14
But Jesus said," Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these."

I love this verse because of the love that Jesus had for all of the children around us.
Also because it is a good reminder that everyone of us should have childlike faith in God.

Adam Johnson