Share Your Story: Day 10 - Jess Kayhart

How long have you attended Faith Christian Church?

9 years

In a few sentences share how you became a Christian.

I always grew up in church, but never had a faith of my own. My dad committed suicide when I was 8, and I felt my whole life rejected and unwanted. I was lost and tried to fill the hole in my life with everything other than Jesus, but over a few years of coming to FCC, God got ahold of my life, filled the hole, and healed me completely.

In what ways has Faith Christian Church brought value to your life?

Even when I wasn't living right, when I was making bad choices and walking away from God, people at FCC were praying for me and loving me. When I started trying to get my life right, I failed all the time but people mentored me, took me in, loved me, prayed with me, welcomed me and never gave up on me. And now, after God completely changing my life and healing me, this is my home. I have a family that loves and supports me always, praying, encouraging, and loving my family and I.

What do you enjoy most about coming to church?

I LOVE THE PEOPLE AT FCC. There is such a wide range of ages and people, but everyone is loved. No one is alone. We walk through this world feeling alone and disconnected and not good enough, but here, we find a home. A group of people just passionately serving the Lord.

What are you most excited for as we look ahead to what God is doing in our communities?

There are souls that need Jesus. People need to be saved, and we are called to make disciples. God is doing something special in Mauston, Juneau county and the surrounding area. God is raising up leaders and pastors and worship leaders and world changers. I am so invigorated and excited about winning souls in this community. Every life matters.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

Romans 12:9
Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.

It's such a basic verse but so hopeful. Let your love be real. Hate what is evil, love what is good. Our world is full of evil, but don't set your sights on this world. Set your sights on love, and on Jesus.

Adam Johnson