Share Your Story: Day 1 - Trudy Waldner

How long have you attended Faith Christian Church?

A little over a year.

In a few sentences share how you became a Christian.

I first accepted Jesus when I was 11 at a church camp.

In what ways has Faith Christian Church brought value to your life?

I've been a Christian for... let's just say along time. I feel like the recently the Lord has opened up a whole new world to me, showing me what love really is, and what it isn't. When we found FCC I believe God had a hand in leading us to it at just the right time in our lives. To find a group of people not just talking the talk but actually walking the walk. The love that is shown to my children and the growth I have seen in both of them this past year is amazing. The love of Jesus shines here; it's real. I see it in the leaders. I see in the congregation. How can that not bring value to your life?

What do you enjoy most about coming to church?

Wow. To pin point one thing is hard. I love the people, I love the worship and I love that the Word of Truth is always preached. What can I say? I just love my Church!

What are you most excited for as we look ahead to what God is doing in our communities?

To be a light to those who are hurting and showing them Jesus.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

Proverbs 3:5,6

It reminds me to put my trust in Him and He will guide me down the right path for me.

Adam Johnson