I LOVE MY CHURCH is an endeavor to reach families in this community like we never have before. This bold step of faith will make room for God to change lives and bring hope to a lost world.

We believe that the space we make for God will allow us to grow. We will expand our faith and expand our facilities. This step will require boldness and courage, which God will give us if we ask.

Our mission is that the generous people of FCC will join together for the next 24 months in a financial commitment to see this project though. There are whole families who's destiny hangs in the balance, and we believe that our investment will impact their lives for eternity. 






Share Your Story Series


We all have something to share. We all have a story. When we share our story, we can begin to remind ourselves of all Jesus has done for us, and all He will continue to do. More than that, our story can bring hope and encouragement as others see how Jesus works in our lives. As we prepared for what was our "Celebration Sunday", we shared one story each day for two weeks. Some of these stories came from people who came to church for a few months, and some for many years. All of them, though, love Jesus. Take some time to read and be encouraged!


As we give generously, we believe God will generously supply our every need. This initiative will bring hope and the message of Jesus to so many others who need it. Thank you for your generosity.




We've got exclusive downloadable content for you to use. Enjoy a new phone wallpaper. Let others know what you love about your church and a little bit of your story. If you love your church, spread the love.



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We love because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19