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Crave Conference is a conference seeking to ignite a passion for Jesus in the next generation. For students in grades 5-12, our desire for everyone that comes is that they would find the freedom, purpose, and passion that only God can provide and that they would live a life devoted daily to God.

Each year we see hundreds of students come together for an experience that is life changing. For most, it's an experience that will forever change their outlook on life and God.



Friday, October 26th

4:30 PM - Registration Opens

6:30 PM - Session one with DJ Javi and Tim Benitez

9:30 PM - Late Night at Mauston Schools

12:00 AM - End of Late Night

Saturday, October 27th

10:00 AM - Session Two with Tim Benitez

12:00 PM - Lunch Break

2:30 PM - Session Three (Leader/Student Breakouts)

4:15 PM - Crave Competition

5:00 PM - Dinner (At Church - Included in admission)

6:00 PM - Session Four with DJ Javi and Jon Brown

8:30 PM - End of Crave Conference


Last Year

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